About Us

Building Internationally Known Company
Today’s business requires the agileness to adopt the rapidly changing technology and global competition. To survive and grow into such competition company needs to have a culture to innovate and technological leadership to sustain this growth and expansion. We need to have long term strategies and commitment to quality.

Our Story

We are a Engineering Co. with Strong Technical base. We are innovative in our working and we strongly believe in Quality at every step of our manufacturing to achieve defect free product to reach our customers.

We have a vision of expanding our reach worldwide we took our first step towards this by establishing our first venture in Dubai

Idea of crossing the boundaries and proving the ability to make a successful enterprise was a very difficult decision totally unaware of the situation and business environment in UAE. In spite of these dangers we jumped the risk And the result is the birth of SILVERLINE INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL LLC.

In SILVEVERLINE We recognize the value of relationship, that reflects in our culture and ethics and as a result we have currently many clients those who are steady with us. and growth of these clients brings the growth of SILVERLINE.

We have now moved to Oman with a prestigious contract from Vale of Oman. This will further enhance our ability to work in challenging conditions and disciplined working style and prospects to hold our footstep in Oman.

We have a strong desire to show our presence all over the glob. Our employees and our clients will be our partners in growth and they will always remain as our strength.


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