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Copper Head DSL System

Silverline Metal Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a major manufacturer, supplier, exporter and trader of Copper Head DSL System located in Maharashtra, India. We have commanded respect from all corners of the world because of the flawless quality and excellent features of our high performance products.

Our company has a well developed infrastructure, R&D unit and packaging unit doing the task. We provide high quality Copper Head DSL busbar Systems for EOT cranes, conveyor system, JIB cranes, hoist, material handling equipment system at the most affordable price. We take pride in our speedy and safe delivery.We offer customization facility to our clients also.

Looking at steel industries silverline now developed copper rail conductor system. Due to excessive heat shrouded bus bar is not possible so in this case copper head is the best option ac compared to angle iron DSL systems. Normally in steel industries the shed length is more than 200 to 400 mts or sometimes even more than 400 mts. 

The voltage drop and watt loss incurred in angle iron DSL system is very high. This makes a continues loss to the industry. It is always economical to use copper head conductor or copper rail conductor DSL system for current rating 600 amps and above . These rails are available for current capacities up to 2000 AMPS.

Features of Copper Head DSL System

  • Effortless installation
  • Sturdy designs
  • Heavy duty applications


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