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Flame Proof Hoists

  • Flame Proof Hoists are the special purpose EOT Crane generally used in flameproof zones/areas.
  • The machinery used for these cranes are flameproof machinery like flameproof Motors, Brakes, Panels suitable to Gas group IIA & IIB,. The Indian standard for the FLP EOT crane is IS3177 & IS2148.
  • There are many industries that work with sensitive material that can explode under some circumstances (usually by accident). For example there are many substances that explode when the right combination of air and gas is mixed. It goes without saying if an explosion does occur when a hoist is being used as a result of the sensitive material being used, it can cause a lot of damage. Besides which it can also mean the loss of life as well thus making it a fatal incident. But in such factories or locations if the flame proof hoists are used instead, then it can greatly reduce and even prevent any such incidents from occurring.


  • Flame proof hoists are well known industrial lifting equipment and can lift heavy equipment.
  • They make use of either wire rope, chain or belt to lift and move heavy equipment.
  • A flame proof hoist is essentially a normal hoist, the difference being that such hoists are specially build such that they can prevent disasters from occurring.
  • They are usually attached to crane or some other lifting equipment.
  • These hoists can be electric or manual.
  • They may use either chain, fibre for wire rope as a lifting medium.
  • Thus the lifting medium is either a wire rope which is wrapped around a drum or a load chain raised by a pulley with a special profile to engage the chain.
  • It is possible to provide the power by several different means like hydraulics, electrical or air driven motors.

The hoist can be built as one integral package unit which are generally designed as cost effective devices and moderate use. But they can also be built as a custom unit which are generally more durable and perform very well.

Either way the flame proof hoists are required to meet the international safety and operational standards.

  • The flame proof hoists are designed in modular construction basis in general.
  • The main advantage of modular construction being that it greatly simplifies repairs and cuts down the time.
  • In addition to which all the electrical apparatus used in the hoist is carefully
  • located in a flame proof enclosure thus making it as safe as possible. But that is
  • not all, the mechanical components are designed such that there is no ferrous
  • metal to ferrous metal contact.
  • This greatly reduces the changes of generating sparks.
  • Thus the flame proof hoists are generally compact in design, low in weight, and
  • usually very easy to operate.
  • They are also easy to maintain since they are largely modular.

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