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Gear Box Lubricating Pumps

Gear Box Lubricating Pumps are widely used in plants manufacturing fertilizers, cement, food products, plastics, soap as also in Refineries, shipping & Textile industries , in pharmaceutical plant, Blending processes, OEMs etc.


LDO, FO, HFO, Molassses, Soap stock, Tar, Bitumen, Paint, varnish, Crude oil, Lube oil, Veg oil, Jelly, Resin, Black liquor, Printing ink, Gum, latex, Massecuite etc.


  • Self- priming, high suction lift.
  • Custom- made direction of rotation.
  • Suction and delivery have BSP threaded connections.Flange connection can be given on request.
  • High pressure/ High capacity /High temperature pumps can be manufactured as per the requirements.
  • Pumps can be provided with motor, gear box, base plate coupling ,guard, flanges, etc as required.
  • No leakage due to static ‘o’ Ring Sealing.
  • Optional mechanical seal.
  • Low cost in maintenance.
  • Robust construction designed for long operational periods between routine maintenance.
  • Interchangeability of spare parts makes maintenance economical

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