Our Vision

  • 20 Years from now “Silverline Metal Engg. Pvt Ltd” will be known as world best company for its world class products.
  • We will be having our own manufacturing facilities in all countries doing business. All the manufacturing units will be Eco friendly and comfortable places to work.
  • Silverline will become a public limited co. and its shares will be traded in Bombay Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange.
  • Silverline will declare bonus share every alternate year.
  • We will have our headquarter and corporate office in20 storied building in Mumbai.
  • Silverline will be known as “Great Place To Work” (GPTW) and every professional will be proud to joinus. The employees will have an opportunity to develop and try out his ideas and freedom to work thus we will convert the aspirations of our employee into reality.
  • We will have employed cream layers of students from all major universities and best local talent in Silverline.
  • We will have started schools for children in remote places of villages.
  • All the important publication will take note of Silverline’s growth and will be treated as a case study.
  • We will strive to be a cash rich co. with marginal borrowings.
  • We must have patented at least 10 products by 2033 and achieved best rewards and recognition.
  • We will diversify our products and services and continue to expand world wide.
  • Having done all the above “Silverline” will be a brand name known to every individual in the world.

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