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Silverline Festoon system

We at, Silverline Metal Engineering Private Limited are the well-known pioneers in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Silverline Festoon Systems. These are also known as enclosed C-track festoon system as the system is fully enclosed from all sides thus preventing the dust and dirt from entering the system and blocking it. We manufacture these products known for its better strength and load bearing capacity. 

It can take loads of more than 50kg / mtr. The price of our products is very cost-effective. All the products are listed under the major categories as follows are track for trolley 4500 mm, c-channel for support 500 mm, track coupler, track clamp, towing trolley, towing arm, wire clip plastic, end stop, flat cable trolley, round cable trolley, pendant trolley, C- channel cleat, track clamp and fixed trolley. 

Silverline Metal Engineering Pvt. Ltd. holds expertise in the industry and manufactures robust quality festoons that have high load bearing capacities. It includes weight of 50 kg and more. These comprises tracks that includes trolley of 4500mm, end stop, round and cable trolley, track coupler, fixed trolley, C-Channel and C-Channel for support 500mm.

Being the reputed manufacturer and supplier of Curved Festoon System, the company takes the forefront in developing top quality products and assures value for money to all its esteemed customers. The festoons are made of high quality material to ensure durability and better performance. The company caters to customers from all parts of the country and of different backgrounds.

Silverline Festoon system


Curved Festoon System


Silverline Metal Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Curved Festoon System manufacturers, suppliers & exporters. This is basically the mechanical structure that supports the cables & wires in wide range of application area. We are offering these in wide range of specifications in order to meet the diverse requirements of the industry. Our main objective is to provide world class quality in our products. That’s why we follow all standard procedures while manufacturing our products.

Our complete range of products is manufactured at our factory which is loaded with advanced machinery. This helps in providing optimum quality standards to our product. Some of the notable features of our product are durability, reliability & long operating life. Special care is provided in order to protect cables from mechanical damage. We come in the list of noted Curved Festoon System manufacturers, suppliers & exporters. Banking on our state of the art facility, we are capable of entertaining customized requirements of the clients. We are committed to deliver your consignment in stipulated time frame. The interested clients should send us enquiry to get our product at competitive rate.

Curved Festoon System Manufacturers

Track For Trolley


we offer an assorted range of Track For Trolley -4500 mm to cater for huge industrial demand. We manufacture these tracks using finest quality G.I. sheets. The thickness is 1.5 mm and length of each track is 4500mm. The profile of the track is such that it can take higher loads than the conventional C-type tracks. It can take a total load of more than 50kg/metre. Since the track is made from G.I. sheets, there is no chance of corrosion. We give accurately rolled tracks so that there is no problem during the coupling of tracks.

Track For Trolley Exporters

C - Channel


Backed by the excellent state-of-art infrastructure, we manufacture and export an ample range of C-Channel for support-500 mm. C-channels are used for supporting the festoon tracks. We use G.I. sheets for manufacturing these supports to prevent corrosion. The C-channels are fitted to the girder by bolting with C-channel cleat, which in turn is welded to the girder. It is available with us in the various lengths such as 250mm, 500mm, 700mm 800mm, 1100mm and 1400mm.

C - Channel Suppliers

Track Coupler


This coupler is used to join two festoon tracks. It has four bolts for stronger and better gripping of the tracks. We offer the Track Coupler with a thickness of 2 mm, and is zinc plated to avoid corrosion.

  • Products No.: CRT-03
  • Thickness: 2
  • Material: C.R.C.A
Track Coupler Manufacturers

Track Clamp


These Track Clamps are used for clamping the festoon tracks to the C-channels. These are basically the link between the C-channel and the festoon track.

  • Products No.: CRT-04
  • Thickness: 4
  • Material: C.R.C.A
Track Clamp Exporters

Towing Trolley


Towing Trolley is the leading trolley in the festoon system and drags all the trailing trolleys with it. It has 8 bearings which gives it better stability and strength. The towing arm is inserted inside the towing trolley and moves with the hoist. The towing trolley is made of CRCA and is plated to prevent corrosion. Hooks are given in order to allow free rotation of the trolley thus preventing tangling of cables.

  • Products No.: CRT-05
  • Thickness: 4
  • Material: C.R.C.A
Towing Trolley Suppliers

End Cap


Following the guidance of our skilled professionals, we manufacture these very fine qualities End Caps. These end caps are used to cover the festoon tracks from both the ends. It prevents the entering of dust and other particles and makes the system look aesthetically beautiful.

  • Products No.: CRT-08
  • Thickness: 3
  • Material: C.R.C.A
End Cap Manufacturers

Flat Cable Trolley


We are proud to offer a wide range of best selling Flat Cable Trolley in the market. They are widely used for many industrial purposes such as overhead cranes for the transmission of power and control cables for cross travel as well as long travel. These trolleys are very smooth in operation and can be used for round cables as well as flat cables. We provide saddles of width 70mm and 93mm based on the number of cables. Free movement of the saddle allows the cables to untangle.

  • Products No.: CRT-10
  • Thickness: 2.8
  • Material: C.R.C.A
Flat Cable Trolley Exporters

Pendant Cable Trolley


Pendant trolley is used to carry the pendant cable. It is the leading trolley in the system and is provided with 8 bearing for better strength and stability. The pendant cable is passed through the hook and can be plugged to the trolley. Holes are provided on the trolley to insert the plug/socket.

  • Products No.: CRT-12
  • Thickness: 5
  • Material: C.R.C.A
Pendant Cable Trolley Suppliers

Gravity Type Current Collector


Apart from using shrouded bus bar system Steel Industry in India still finds angle iron bus bar system preferable to use for EOT CRANES, TRANSFER CARS, and INGOT CARRIERS where in current collection is done by moving current collectors along stationary electric supply AC or DC. These are easy to install and can withstand harsh working conditions.

Most end users prefer this because of its easy in house maintenance possibility With this perspective we have come out with manufacturing of all type of accessories required for these bus bar system. We supply ceramic insulators, munks as well as gravity type current collectors suitable for Angle Iron or Rail type Bus bar system.
Our range varies from 150 to 1200amps. We supply shoes made of cast iron, cast steel, Brass, Bronze or phosphor bronze We can also manufacture and supply current collectors and accessories as per customers design and requirement.

Earth Current Collector


Normally in mobile electrification system (RYBG) green stands for neutral and earth is normally neglected in the system for mobile equipments Silverline has designed earth current collector which can be easily attached to the equipment and can move along with crane or any other equipment to transfer eddy current to the rails and these rails can be firmly grounded to the earthing system.

Earth Current Collector Manufacturers



We are the leading supplier of Insulators required to be used in angle iron DSL’s. We design and install angle iron DSL system up to 2000 amps. And we use hot moulded fiber reinforced polyester resin based insulator. We also use porcelain based Insulator. Due to very high mechanical and electrical strength epoxy moulded insulators are extremely popular. Various sizes of insulators are manufactured and supplied by us. We can also supply insulators used in wire rope trolley system

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