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W Type DSL System

The W Type DSL Systems manufactured are used for electrically operated equipment and thus are made to be shock and corrosion resistant in order to avoid any accident. It is available in bolted type so can be used in various heavy duty applications. due to its bolted shape it needs very low maintenance and anti corrosive in nature. It is easy to install and it has robust construction. Silverline Metal Engineering Pvt. Ltd.a pioneer manufacturers, exporters of W type DSL suppliers in Maharashtra, India.

Specifications of W Type DSL System

  • No exposed live parts shrouded to IP 21
  • Shock proof system
  • Heavy duty applications, can be supplied to ford bolt joints for more rigid and reliable joints
  • Easy to install
  • Available in galvanized iron, copper and aluminum

Bolted type:

  • Bolt joint for 1 pole/4 pole.
  • 100amp to 125amp Galvanized iron.
  • Up to 200 amp aluminum.
  • 160, 250, and 400 amps copper.
  • Bolt type conductor bar length 4.5 met.
  • system up to 150 meter without expansion joint.
    • Aluminum
    • Galvanized iron
    • Copper
    • Current Collecto

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